Our Fisheries

Explore the Groundfish Industry of Atlantic Canada

Off the coast of Atlantic Canada is a mosaic of ‘banks’ covering 93,000 square kilometers. Such banks are rocky or sandy submerged elevations of the seafloor, undersea plateaus located primarily on continental or island shelves.

These banks are relatively shallow, ranging from 25 to 200 meters in depth. It is in this area that the cold southerly flow of the Labrador Current mixes with the warm waters of the northeasterly flow of the Gulf Stream. The mixing of these waters and the shape of the ocean bottom lift nutrients to the surface. These conditions create some of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Extensive marine life flourishes on the banks and just off the shelf of the banks, whose range extends beyond Canada’s exclusive economic zone (200 miles) into international waters. On the plateau and slopes of these banks are located the Canadian groundfish fisheries.

Groundfish are finfish that live on or near the seafloor; each with its own distinct flavour, texture, and culinary versatility. Our groundfish, sustainably harvested from the bountiful waters off Atlantic Canada, reach plates around the globe, with a quality that is recognized worldwide.

Harvesting & Processing

Our fishing vessels sustainably harvest delicious groundfish from depths of 75-1200 meters on and near the rich banks of Atlantic Canada. Some of our vessels also process on board and freeze the catch at sea to lock in freshness and quality.   Others deliver their catch to shore-based facilities for processing in communities throughout Atlantic Canada. Whether it's hook and line or otter trawl, safety is our anthem. Personal protective equipment and top-notch training keep our vessels and crews safe, even in the roughest of seas.

Some fisheries utilize state-of-the art vessels employing cutting-edge technology. Some other fisheries still employ traditional methods of harvest. Regardless of the harvest and processing, members are committed to producing a high-quality product and meeting customer specifications, surpassing world-class standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  

Unmatched Quality and Traceability

Fantastic food starts with wild seafood from some of the world’s coldest, cleanest waters. It’s beyond compare.

From ocean to plate, we monitor and control every step - meeting or surpassing customer specifications. We can trace our seafood from catch to customer, with internal data systems enabling accessibility of critical data.